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Carnival in São Miguel Island – Azores

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Carnival in São Miguel Island – Azores


Carnival is always a good season to travel and in the Azores, we get a bit crazy around this time of the year!

In São Miguel Island we have some really well-known traditions:

1 – Malassadas – One amazing sweet that we have here in the Azores that is to die for! Big, fried and sugary! Try one of those and share with us your thoughts!

2 – Carnival Festival in Coliseum Micaelense – Yes! We do a festival where all the people should go with masks to a really big party in one of the most emblematic places in São Miguel Island, Coliseum Micaelense!

3 – Some locations also celebrate with thematic cars and people on the streets! There is always food and drinks for everyone.

4 – Batalha das Limas –This is a big event in the primary streets of Ponta Delgada. Everyone that wants to join should go with a group of friends and a big truck! They will prepare the limes (water balloons) at each other almost like an actual battle. In the old days, the “limas” were done with wax but some of them were so badly done that sometimes it was more harmful than a Carnival joke!  Nowadays we celebrate with water balloons that are prepared in a place a bit outside of the city center, and then they usually stop to make sure everything is ok and that they are all set. At 14h the battle starts! They will battle with each other and with everyone that they see in the avenue. Yes! You can be hit too! Make sure you go with some protection and they if you have a car, don’t go to Ponta Delgada city center during this event! Each year they try to change something else, about this event, let’s hope in the future they find a more sustainable way of throwing water at each other.

There is a lot of fun during this time of the year, so if you are coming to the Azores now, make sure you blend in with the locals to celebrate!

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