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Let’s talk about canyoning!

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Let’s talk about canyoning!


Despite being a new concept for many people, the truth is that the search for this adventurous activity has been rising for the past few years, especially in the hearts of the more adventurous.

So, what’s canyoning?

Canyoning is an activity practiced in canyons (deep and narrow valleys with steep sides), which involves various sports techniques. Techniques such as rappel, slide, slides, jumps, swimming, and hiking are mostly practiced in this type of activity, along the valleys and waterfalls of the island. There are several challenges along the way, but it is very worthwhile, as you have the chance to be amused by all the natural landscapes São Miguel has to offer.
It was in the early 1990s that this activity arrived in the Azores. Nowadays, São Miguel already has more than 18 itineraries ready for this type of practice, mostly in the northeastern part of the island.

Our experience

We believe that it’s very important for us to try and get to know the experiences we offer in the best way, to be able to give better feedback to all our guests. That said, the Procyon team left on a great adventure! Our adventurous side was put to the test, after the opportunity to do canyoning arrived. I will tell you a little about our experience.

We got together with all the guests we had at Procyon, at the time, and signed up for the activity. On our way to Nordeste, we had a 40-minute trip ahead, where we had a chance to share a lot of experiences. We talked, sang and laughed, on our way to adventure.

When we arrived, we were nervous, as most of our team and our guests had never done this type of activity before. We were received by the FUNActivities team, with a great sense of humor, which calmed and cheered us up. All types of equipment were available for us, such as wetsuits, socks, life jackets, helmets, and shoes. We received a short briefing on the activity and were ready to start. We did the Ribeira da Salga path. You can find out more information about this activity here.

(Being coordenated was not our best quality!)

It was, without a doubt, a different and very rewarding experience. Although the adventure alone is worthwhile, we believe it was even better because we had the chance to share this experience with our guests. We will always remember this moment!

After 5 hours of adventure, we were tired, but always in a good mood, we still had a great lunch with the whole FUNActivities team. It was wonderful to know a little more about those who dedicate their lives to this activity.

What is necessary for this activity
For the most interested in doing this activity, health and physical shape must be in good conditions.
You will also need to bring:
Swimsuit (already dressed);
Beach towel;
Hair tie (if applicable);
Comfortable clothes and shoes;
Individual water bottle.

It is, for sure, a unique experience.

Talk to us if you’re interested in booking!

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