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Love story stains Sete Cidades’ lagoon

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Love story stains Sete Cidades’ lagoon


Her, a beautiful blue-eyed princess. Him, a humble green-eyed shepherd. Both with the same passion: the nature that surrounded them.

Many many years ago, a royal family lived in the Sete Cidades village. The princess, delicate and kind, spent her days walking around the green fields of the village, trying to escape the cold and dark walls of the kingdom.

On one of these walks, fate caused her to meet a humble young shepherd, who carefully guarded his flock. From there on, a friendship was born.

After several meetings, the two young couple fell in love, forgetting the social differences that separated them. This love spread to the king’s ears, who wanted to see his daughter married to a prince, from the neighboring kingdom.

This relationship was strictly prohibited. But the young couple couldn’t let themselves be defeated and met in secret. After eternal vows of love, they cried together about their sad destinies.

These same tears formed the two lagoons, filling the valley: the blue lagoon reflected the color of the princess’s eyes, and the other lagoon, green, reflected the color of the shepherd’s eyes. However, for the most skeptical, there is still a scientific explanation for the lagoons having two different shades. One lagoon has more seaweed than the other and, because the lagoon is less deep, it reflects the green better. On the other hand, the blue lagoon is deeper, reflecting the sky.

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