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The Lobster Family

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The Lobster Family


The Lobster family was a big love case we had. Well…not love, love, but we ended up having a big connection with these amazing clients.

Nate, Kees, and Sylvia were only a group of 2 Netherlands friends and a German girl at Procyon. They started as strangers in the dorm and in the end, they ended up joining together for a rental car. Mafalda advised them to put sunscreen (they were all super white!), but they all did not care about it. At the end of the day, they got the entire lobster look. Super red and sunburned.

Since they were like a small family and they got the name – Lobster Family. Their stay here at Procyon was intense, we got to create a really nice friendship and in the end, it was a really fun and special time. Mafalda, as a designer, draws a postcard for each one of them and they left one hell of a message on our message board.

Good times, good experiences and friends that we won’t forget!

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