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The love between sea and sewing

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The love between sea and sewing


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The Amor ao Mar brand was created back in 2016, a magical dream since Alexandra Reis was a kid. Now she creates handmade cloth animals, mostly sea creatures


Alexandra was just a child, when she learned how to sew in her grandmother’s machine. Exploring textiles was one of her favorite games, where she got lost in the storage chest where Estrela kept all her fabrics, curtains and other pet cloths. Despite all the scissor messy cuts she made in good quality fabrics, which made her dear grandmother upset multiple times, it didn’t stop Estrela from losing her patience and she didn’t stop teaching her granddaughter how to sew. “It was the basis to learn everything else afterwards” confessed the founder of Amor ao Mar.

A few years later, in 2016, Alexandra started making animals out of cloth and from there on, the brand was born.

The idea of creating marine animals was the result of a combination of chance, where Alexandra decided to create a whale as a gift. Like any Azorean, the sea has always been part of Alexandra’s imagination.

So how was the brand name born? “I needed a form of identification, a name that was symbolic and showed the effort I put into their creation, as well as the place where they are made, which is why I chose the name Amor ao Mar”. When asked if she has ever thought about opening up horizons and trying to create other animal types, Alexandra confessed that, for now, she wants to continue to focus on the marine universe, not only because she considers that this continuity helps to consolidate the brand identity, but also because there is a sea of possibilities to explore.

The list of animals that Alexandra would like to add to the family is long – the most recent addition is the manta ray, the largest current specie of rays.

One of the future goals of the brand is to reinforce its online presence by creating a website and a store, in order to diversify the promotion channels and facilitate access to products. Creating children’s clothing and implementing different types of play materials are also one of the main focuses.

For now, Alexandra is in the process of registering the brand.

We, Procyon, have been partners of this brand since its beginning and it’s with great pleasure that we are one of the selling points of these products. You can find Amor ao Mar in our physical store!

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