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UPDATED 04/02/2021

Hello, dear friends! We hope you all are well and safe during this time.
We’ve been getting a lot of questions about traveling to the Azores, if we are operating, if you should come or not… So we decided to clarify all your doubts!

Can I travel to Ponta Delgada?
You can fly to Ponta Delgada with SATA (, TAP ( and Ryanair ( To better check the dates available, we recommend taking a look at the official websites.

What should I do before I arrive?
The Azorean Government is asking one option for the passengers that are arriving in the Azores:

– Travel already with a negative COVID-19 test done, at least, 72h before arrival. You have to bring the official papers that will allow you to travel here more safely;

In addition to the test performed on arrival, a second test is required on the sixth day, in case the passenger is staying for more than seven days in the region. Also, if you’re staying longer than 13 days, you’ll have to do a third test, on the 12th day. The costs of these tests are covered by the Azorean Government.

Do I need to wear a mask?
It’s recommended to wear a mask everywhere you go, but it’s mandatory to wear masks for every service supplier here.

Are we operating?
We are operating, although we will have some contingencies due to our Health Department’s advice for good practices. We will have some changes going, that we will keep you updated on, but we will be open for business.

Please be aware that the rules are changing all the time. We will try to keep updating this post as soon as possible, but it’s always recommended for you to do a little research before booking your flight and/or accommodation.

Stay safe!

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