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Explore São Miguel

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    The Azores are one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, composed of 9 islands, divided by 3 groups – Western (São Miguel and Santa Maria); Central (Terceira, Pico, Faial, S. Jorge, and Graciosa) and Eastern (Flores and Corvo). They are in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean, they extend to more than 600km of length and they are 1360km away from Portugal mainland, 1507 from Morocco’s and 1925km from Canada.

    The story behind the name “Azores” takes us back to the 14th century when the sailors arrived on the Island. We had a lot of birds in the islands and they thought they were the Azores but after a while, they found out that it was a kite, but the name remained “Azores” until today.

    The weather here is pretty constant and temperate. During the day, the temperature can go around 16 to 25 ºC, depending on the season and in the winter time; normally the temperature doesn’t go below 10 ºC.

    The culture, dialects, gastronomy, and traditions can change considerably from Island to Island. That’s because of the people who began to inhabit the islands and also because of the fruits each Island has to offer.
    São Miguel, the largest Island, has about 759 km2 (about 64 km long and 12km wide) and has around 150 000 inhabitants. In this island, you can find big lakes that can provide potable water, big forests, and a huge diversity of ecosystems and biodiversity, great secondary volcanic activity that allows you to have several areas with thermal baths.

    If you are the kind of person that doesn’t plan anything when you go on vacation, you don’t need to worry! We have a lot of options for you (from rental bikes to tours), so you can explore this beautiful Island, with a local guide! (which happens to be part of our team!)


    Canyoning Experience in Azores islands

    Canyoning is an adventurous activity. If you are looking for a nice way to explore São Miguel water lines, with some rappel, jumps from waterfalls and sliding, this is a perfect way of doing so. In the end, you will be given all the footage from your activity by email! Enjoy!
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    Combo tour discover Sete Cidades and Fogo Lake

    Having a short stay? With us, you can get to see two lagoons on the same day! Join us to find more about the story behind the creation of the two biggest lagoons of the Island.

    And also the lunch is included, so you don’t need to worry about where to find the best restaurant in town!

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    Fogo Lake – Half day tour

    If you are looking for a half-day trip, this one is good to go! You’ll visit Fogo Lake, where we will stop in several viewpoints. Also, we can do some hiking, going down to the lake. You won’t regret, because the view down there is breathtaking!

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    Tour to Furnas – Volcano Complex

    Bathing in thermal waters in the middle of nature, visiting one of the most beautiful parks of the Azores, eating a “cozido” that is made underground (also you can see the food being taken out of the ground) and trying some green tea that can turn purple? Furnas is the best option for you!

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    Water Route – Walking tour to Fogo Lake – full day

    A full day activity that will lead you into the deep greens and old water tunnels from Fogo Lake. This is a perfect way to combine a walking tour and the astonishing views over the Fogo Lake, after all that, relaxing in Caldeira Velha hot thermal waters. Join our local guide for this experience!

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    Whale and dolphin Watching – Half Day

    We are located in the Azores, one of the best destinations for whale and dolphin watching. Therefore, here you can see more than 25 different species of cetacean can be found in the Azores. We have resident species that you can see all year round such as common dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and Sperm…

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