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Before you choose your room, we thought you may have a few questions about the services we offer. For your convenience we’ve collected and answered the most common ones. If you want more information, check out our FAQS.

How can I get to Procyon?

You can get to Procyon by taxi (around 9-15€) and by ANC Aerobus (stop 3 is 1 minute walking from Procyon – 4,50€ per person). We do also have a personalized transfer service from and an uncategorized car and with someone waiting for you at the arrival part of the airport (from 20€).

Do you accept pets?

Pets are our friends, but we do not accept them inside of the Hostel

How can I book a transfer from the airport to the hostel?

You can book the transfer directly with us, by e-mail

How can I find parking?

Free parking is available around the Hostel’s area. We recommend parking in Rua de Lisboa (also you can find a parking area just around the Hostel), Rua João do Rego and R. Dr. Filipe da Cunha Álvares Cabral.

What’s included in the daily rate?

All our reservations include continental buffet breakfast with local products, access to all the common areas such as the lounge, bar area, welcome meetings and access to a selected range of partnerships from rent-a-cars to tour operator companies. Linen and towels are also included.

What can I find in our breakfast?

We have a variety of breads, jams, cheeses, ham, chorizo, muesli, some kinds of cereals, homemade cake and way more. In the way, you can find some small surprises made by our staff!

I’ll arrive before the check-in time. Can I leave my luggage?

Yes, you can. Our staff members start to arrive around 7h30. After that time, you can go to the hostel and leave your stuff with us. We have a specific room for that propose.

Do you have laundry service?

Yes, we do. We can wash, dry and fold your clothes. You can ask at reception this paid service.

Can I print my flying tickets?

Yes, we have facilities and equipment for that, however you will be charged an additional fee for printing, which meets our sustainability policy - for each printed ticket, we commit to plant a tree.

Should I leave a review? I didn't book in any booking platform.

We normally say a review a day, keeps a bad place away. So, yes, leave a review, because others can read the experience you had with us! But, please, make us aware of what we still need to improve. Even if you made a reservation directly with us, you have plenty of places where you can can help us gain visibility, like Google Review, Facebook, Tripadvisor, You can even leave your review by email or message, so later we ccan add it on our website.

Why do I need to have a credit card?

The credit card is asked to confirm and validade your booking. We will only used it, according to the rate you booked. However, it may be required during check-in if the payment was done by the card, because of the new GPR regulations. The card can be used as well in situations of ealy check-out or if something was damaged during your stay.

Why the prices on your website are different from other booking platforms?

We have an inside policy that our prices need to be always cheaper than other booking platforms. The reason we do that is because on other booking platforms, we need to pay a commision to them, everytime they can arrange us a booking. This commission can go from 8% up to 30% of your reservation amount. So, we receive less and your experience will be proprocional to that. In the other hand, if you book directly with us, all of the amount you pay, it will be 100% invested in your experience, because we are just focused on you, and not paying to 3rd parties.

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