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Your home away from home

Welcome to Procyon

Who was, who is and who will be Procyon?

My Story - told in the first person

"My name’s Procyon, I am a Boutique Hostel in Ponta Delgada. I will explain to you how two crazy people – one landscape architect and a designer, full of energy and ambition, decided to change the “accommodation” concept.
I know the project Procyon started in 2014. I was just an old family house waiting for a buyer and for someone to change the star that I always was.
Procyon – me – is the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky. I belong to the Canis Minor Constellation, so now it’s easier for you to find me! The interesting thing is that this young couple found another reason to call me Procyon.
One of the first radio amateurs of the Island lived here with me and his radio station was also called Procyon!
In the lobby, you can still find some of the radios and the equipment that was used by him, as well as some relics. I recommend you to explore some of my corners, to find more!
With the use of these radios and a simple antenna, it is possible to communicate (by voice, Morse code or even data) with another country in the world, satellites or even the famous international space station (we can communicate through the reflection of the waves in the moon or meteorites, depending on the propagation conditions).
Some may see the radio amateur as a strange person - a guy who, somehow, likes to communicate with people he doesn’t know and to listen to conversations from other amateurs, where his presence is unknown. The radio amateur also might not be very liked by the neighbors, because the antennas can create interferences during the soccer games or even during the soap opera time! Other times!!
But coming back to me, I was totally restored with some “modern stuff” but always keeping the traces and histories of the past.

Back in 2016, I was known to the world as a Boutique Hostel, in a recovered space with more than 150 years old... I am the star that light the night. I am the past and the future of generations and generations that have made us exist. I try to live the best of the past now, in the present, I am Procyon. New Culture, new friends and new experiences.
The crazy couple didn’t stop here. Today, with a bigger team, they can provide a lot more services and supports to get you to have a better and unforgettable stay in the Azores, from bar to events here at the hostel. They also have an 8 seat van, where they make some tours, where you can try the hot thermal waters and a lot more. You can rent bikes to explore the city and the lakes and also they have a lot of partners in multiple activities and experiences. Talk to them to know more!
Besides that, this team talks a lot behind my walls. Procyon won’t stop here, so stay tuned!"

Meet the team



You are and will always be the main element of our team, after all it is for you that we are here.


Filipe Pedro


Filipe is the explorer who will be there for you for the most interesting moments on the island. He’s from São Miguel, so ask him one of the best tips that only he knows how to give.


Débora Almeida

Débora is waiting for you with her arms open. She’s very lovely and ready to receive you here at your home away from home. She’s also a local!


Raquel Mendonça

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

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