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Experience swim at night on Natural thermal hot springs

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Experience swim at night on Natural thermal hot springs


Join us in this tour to relax in Natural thermal hot springs. After a day exploring the island, this is a great way to experience one of the most amazing natural wonders, maximize your holidays in the Azores!

São Miguel Island is well known for its therapeutic thermal waters and these tours will take you to some of these places. Exists more than just one Natural thermal hot spring on the island. Every day we change the location of this adventure: Furnas,  Ribeira Grande or Ferraria.

For centuries, these mineral-rich water, that bubbles up through the surface of Earth, have either gathered naturally into pools or have been channeled into man-made spas. Both options providing therapeutic and medicinal benefits—and some good relaxation.

Besides, in this tour, you will feel totally relaxed. Body and energies will be totally recovered. Ready for some social time during dinner time and later before coming back home a nice Warm surprise, with Azorean Tea and local cookies in Nature?
Necessary equipment: towel, swimwear, and a jacket.


Meeting point:

  • Procyon or tourism office at Ponta Delgada city center.
  • Departure at 19h00 and returning at around 23h30



  • Please bring: comfortable clothes and swimwear, in darker colors because the nutrients of the waters can damage them. The water has a lot of iron.
  • Required a minimum of 2 participants.
  • Dinner not included,
  • We can cancel a tour on the day due to bad weather conditions, lack of participants or third parties issues.
  • We choose the location according to the weather and safety condition and the Natural conditions.

Pick up and drop available in the different meeting point (send us an email to know the extra cost)

If this activity is not bookable for the dates that you wich simply send us an email or talk to us on our alternative channels and we will help you arrange a solution.

From: 35,00

Relaxing at night in a natural thermal water

Natural Hot Springs spot:

Please select the hot spring area that you would be more interested to explore. (Note this just help us to plan the locations, We can not guarantee a specific spot)

Meeting Point * 

Please Select the meeting point more suitable for you. All request for different meeting points than the standard one just according to availability.


Please add any additional information, that you think might be important. Like the address of your pick up point.

Sold By: Hostel Procyon

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