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Mixed Dorm Room

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Social Dorm Room

Mixed dormitory for a maximum of 6 people. Private bathroom, lockers.

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    • Up to 6 people
    • Inside bathroom
    • Lockers

    If sharing experiences and cultures is what you are looking for, this is the perfect choice. A six people mixed door with a bathroom inside. If you are one alone traveller, here you will be able to create friends and make the most out of your stay in São Miguel Island.

    • 3 bunk beds
    • Maximum capability of 6 people
    • Inside bathroom
    • Sheets and towels included
    • Vertical high window
    • Free Wi-Fi access
    • No smoking room

    Room with no keys

    Room with no keys on the main door.

    Free parking

    In the surroundings you can find free parking for your car.

    3 bunk beds

    Comfortable high bunk beds designed for the perfect experience.

    Close to public transports

    Minibus stops is right nearby the Hostel. If you walk for 10 minutes you will also find the main public transportation for other locations.

    Inside bathroom

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