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Sustainability policy

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Sustainability policy

Procyon’s goal is to be part of a sustainable hotelier project. This project is focused on a total preocupation of the environment and society, and a continuous improvement through ethical practices and principles, such as:

– Professional development and personal fulfillment of all the company workers (training)

– Choice of environmentally friendly products

– Waste management, through the recycling of materials such as glass, plastic, cardboard, etc

– Encouraging safety and health at work, in all activities

– Incentivation of all the guests in saving water resources, with the reuse of towels and change of sheets during the stay

– Attention to dietary restrictions, by creating menus that have options for sll the people with special dietary needs: vegetarians, vegan, lactose intolerant or gluten, among others

– Promotion of the local economy, by selling local products in our small shop

– Incentivation the guest to rent bicycles instead of cars, promoting the mobility impact

– Use of low-consumption lighting (LED)

– Instalation of solar panels

– Having all the appliances turned off and on automatically, via the consumption meter

– Use of dual flushing mechanism in the toilets, making sure that only the amount of water needed for that moment is released

– Use of digital material for marketing and company presentation, reducing the amount of paper prints

– Paperless procedures (sending invoices via email)

-Water served in recycled and reusable glass bottles

– Work together with local organizations, that are linked to environmental preservation

-Tree planting for each printed plane ticket

– Individual towels instead of paper for hand drying

– Dosing systems for liquid detergents

– Rock wool insulation

– Packaging return policy to the supplier

– Preparation of a periodic consumption assessment every month

– Disconnection of the chargers from outlets,when they are not in use

– Ensure that equipment is turned off when employees are away from their workstation

-Ensure conscious use of air conditioning equipment

– Reuse photocopy paper for drafts

– Provide ecopoints in common spaces

– Chemical disinfectants are used only where disinfection cannot be successfully replaced by other methods

– The use of micro-fiber cloths for cleaning significantly reduces the environmental footprint by reducing consumption of paper, water and detergents (chemicals)

– Ensuring that the staff has all the information and awareness relevant to sustainable development and lifestyles, in harmony with nature

Next goals

– To have presence sensors in public places and rooms, so when the place is not in use, the lights will automatically turn off, saving energy

– Instalation of flow reducers or timers on taps

– Increase the production of renewable energies

– Abolation of plastics and individual packaging

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